A Philosophical Overview of Camp Ross Relles

Our Mission: Beyond All Boundaries

‘Beyond All Boundaries’ is a succinct way of stating Camp Ross Relles’ impact on its variety of visitors. It is a statement of our commitment to the recreational and creative needs of children disadvantaged physically, economically or socially.

The Camp also proves a distinctive retreat for not-for-profit adult groups seeking an alternative to the school, the office, the city, and the limitations of routine business and organizational meeting sites.

Physical – Many of our campers are children limited by nature or life’s mean streaks to ambulatory restrictions, mental deficiencies, visual impairments or other disabilities. Camp Ross Relles is constantly in the process of making camping a more accessible and positively memorable experience for those who are physically restrained for whatever reason.

Socioeconomic – If your youth group is like many of our past attendee groups, the freedom to run, roam, relax or meet at a leisurely pace and on relaxed terms, is not guaranteed. Games, sports, diverse meals, novel events, meeting others like you – or completely unlike you – as a way of spending a few summertime weeks or just a weekend retreat, is tough to imagine. But that is what Camp Ross Relles has delivered to thousands of kids over the years.

Adult, Professional – Our conference center is open to not-for-profit groups to hold daylong meetings or overnight retreats using our cabins and a variety of accommodations in beautiful, secluded settings. Our affable staff will be available to take care of your meeting needs, as well as prepare delicious, healthy meals to your taste. Camp Ross Relles offers indoor and outside meeting spaces, and is stocked to provide a variety of standard meeting equipment and supplies.

Regardless of ages, interests, needs or desires of the guests to Camp Ross Relles, there is one thing they all find – a forested backdrop of trails in every direction, fresh water lakes and streams under limitless, pristine mountain skies, wildlife and flora of the like most visitors rarely see, and an overall experience that takes the mind to the same place for all: ‘Beyond All Boundaries!’